Abbey Load

Need a simple way of loading audio files into a project that uses the Web Audio API? Abbey Load is just the thing.

Specify the names and paths of your audio files along with a function to call when you're done and ready to have the time of your life.


The best way to start using Abbey Load is to grab it from GitHub

How to use

Abbey Load relies on a couple of things, namely:

  1. Your project must use the Web Audio API
  2. You agree that Abbey Road and The White Album are the best Beatles records.

More documentation to come, but this will get you going in the meantime:

var assets = new AbbeyLoad( [{
                 'hello': 'hello.ogg',
                 'wat': 'wat.mp3'
             }], function (buffers) {
                // do something with ready to play buffers!

Need help or have an idea to make AL better?

No problem, just give me a shout on Twitter.